Photos: Cuddle Magic, Phox @ The Pabst Theater

Photos by Bennett Young / @bennett_young

Cuddle Magic is folk band from the New York musical community. They're on tour after the recent release of their newest album "Ashes/Axis" on January 27th of 2017. Their music consisted of harmonious instrumental vocals and woodwind instruments. Some of their newest notable tracks include "Kiss You" and their 2010 single, "Slow Rider" (also featured on Ashes/Axis).

Phox is a 6 piece folk band from Baraboo, Wisconsin, currently based out of Madison. The band is saying farewell to many fans and friends they've generated since 2011 on their "Goodbye (for now" tour, stopping at the Pabst before shows in Madison on the 3rd, and Baraboo on the 4th (sold out). Some of Phox's notable pieces of music include "Slow Motion" and "1936".

Cuddle Magic