Photos: Milwaukee Record Presents Local Coverage @ Turner Hall Ballroom

Photos by Kristy Tayler / @kristytakesphotos

The third annual Local Coverage event took place at Turner Hall Ballroom on the 13th featuring 10 local Milwaukee acts presented by Milwaukee Record ( Local Coverage hosted D’Amato, Lorde Fredd33, Buffalo Gospel, Marielle Allschwang, Midwest Death Rattle, Abby Jeanne, Midnight Reruns, The Pukes, Vincent VanGreat and Devil Met Contention, providing sounds from a variety of genres. As non-profit event, all proceeds from Local Coverage were donated and split between Girls Rock Milwaukee and COA Youth & Family Centers. For more information on Milwaukee Record, Girls Rock Milwaukee or COA Youth & Family Centers, be sure to check out their websites at the links above.   

Vincent VanGreat

The Pukes

Midwest Death Rattle

Midnight Reruns

Marielle Allschwang

Lorde Fredd33

Devil Met Contention

Buffalo Gospel 

Abby Jeanne