Concert Review: M83 @ The Pabst Theater

October 19, 2016 - M83 at the Pabst Theater was a true experience.

They are now on tour to support their new album “Junk,” which was released last spring on April 8th of 2016. The album features their song “Go!,” in collaboration with Mai Lan, a female French singer who is featured on four songs from Junk. M83 is also French and is often popular in American culture due to their electronic and cinematically profound instrumental tracks.

The show began with a flood of captivating white high beams that illuminated the entire theater as the show began with “The Wizard,” a perfect opener that merged into “reunion.” M83 could arguably be referred to as “space music,” and completely lived up to their sound characteristics with an astounding light setup. Lights of all shapes, sizes and colors illuminated the stage and crowd with erratic patterns and made the show truly visually appealing.

The vocals of Anthony Gonzalez were surprisingly identical to song recordings during the live performance. It was a pleasure to witness a mostly electronic band actually playing various instruments that translated into techno noises rather than playing a recording from a laptop. M83 was completely above that. Gonzalez was often seen switching from his large box of electric noises and switches to keyboard and bass guitar. There was a multitude of instruments that also included a saxophone.

M83 played through hits like “Do it, try it,” “Steve Mcqueen,” and “We Own The Sky” early in the show. Mai Lan joined the stage in the middle of the show to perform songs from Junk, including “Go!.” As the setlist progressed, the energy of the Pabst Theater only increased as the lights and sounds continued to rock. Before their encore, they played wildly popular song “Midnight City,” followed by “Echoes of Mine,” and appropriately concluded with “Outro,” as if M83 had designed their music for the perfect live performance.

The band returned to the stage in exciting fashion and jumped back into the music. They played a lengthy instrumental that included an awesome saxophone solo and interaction with the crowd. The last song of the encore was “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun.” When all was said and done and the band left the stage, the lights came on and the crowd filtered out, it was hard to believe The Pabst and the M83 concert were in the same place.