Concert Review: Nothing But Thieves @ The Rave/Eagles Club

October 12, 2016 - Nothing But Thieves is an alternative rock band from England. They’re arguably most popular for their song “Trip Switch,” which topped the Billboard Alternative song chart in 2016.

As some may or may not know, there are four main venues at The Rave. The largest is The Eagles Ballroom on the second floor, which is obviously reserved for large shows. Coming is second is the medium size rectangle venue on the first floor with balconies around the perimeter. The third is the basement venue, which is exactly what it sounds like: a stage in a pretty large basement area. There’s also a pretty cool bar space on the first floor with an integrated stage. That’s the fourth.

Nothing But Thieves headlined in the fourth with their two openers July Talk, and The Wrecks.

The slightly cramped bar venue and the equally cluttered stage housed pretty good sound for the smallest venue in the building. The Wrecks were impressive for the first of three bands. They had a great alternative rock – but more rock sound with wailing vocals and upbeat tempos. They were a great opener.

July Talk was the second opener. They entered the stage and co-lead singer Peter Dreimanis greeted the crowd with “hi,” in the deepest, most gravely voice you may have ever heard, and proceeded to jam immediately after. When the song ended, Dreimanis said “we’re July Talk, and I’m sorry if we scared you,” which was humorous, because they were a little scary. July Talk had a unique (and even weird) on stage prescience and music, but absolutely rocked. You can see more of them in ‘Photos.’

Nothing But Thieves entered the now cleared off stage after stage hands assisted the openers in removing two of three drum sets and multiple guitars which relieved the stage of its overwhelmed spatial area. They jumped into their set, one song after another with little talk between. After some songs, lead singer Conor Mason would say “thank you.” The only thing Mason stated other than “thank you” during the show was “you guys should be proud, because you have the creepiest fucking venue in the world,” which sat well with the crowd considering fans take pride in The Rave’s haunted reputation.

The band finished with ‘Trip Switch,’ followed by ‘Ban All the Music,’ and then left. This conjured the thought that perhaps July Talk and The Wrecks took away from the climatic value of Nothing But Thieves, considering how good they were. Overall, the show featured quality entertainment from start to finish.