Concert Review: Mike Stud @ The Rave/Eagles Club

Mike Stud @ The Rave/Eagles Club

October 1, 2016 - Mike Stud made his appearance at The Rave/Eagles Club on October 1st. Stud, a former pitching prospect from the Duke University baseball team, is popular among college students and athletes.

The crowd that came to listen also came to party. His setlist featured the song “Batter up” early in the show. A song popularized by its subtle sports reference excited the ever-increasing enthusiasm in the crowd. Stud and crew, who never fail to throw an upscale glorified college party, frequently took moments to spray the crowd with Corona. Beer stains and sweat both added to the energy of the show.

Although the number of special effects and impressive lighting was limited, the extras in the show were expressed in other unique ways. Towards the middle of the show, Stud acquired a Marcus Stroman Blue Jays jersey, which once again characterized his passion for the baseball world.  Soon after the wardrobe change, Michael Carter Williams, a point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, joined the stage for a brief appearance.

As the show came to a close, manager Gerry Carcaron took an opportunity to spray the crowd with a popping bottle of champagne. Before the climax of the concert, Stud invited a fan on stage to chug a bottle of Cîroc. After receiving a warning that puking is something he should avoid, the fan chugged while the crowd egged him on. Stud invited the crowd to hangout with him at a near by Milwaukee club before he left the stage.

Although the concert featured on-stage antics and tracks that are not for everyone, the energy level was sky high relative to the below average crowd size. Mike Stud holds a factor of entertainment that clearly earns him passionate fans.